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 Graciano, Grenache, and Tempranillo are the grapes of this Basque blend.  Copious amounts of chocolate, mocha, and dark fruits followed by rose petal notes.
$18.00  / Bottle
$216.00  / Case
Syrah and Viognier come together in this co-ferment to bring great balance. Coupling a soft fruity finish with a hint of chocolate, aromas of strawberry, grapefruit, white pepper, lilac and rose show through. This wine pairs well with light pasta dishes and soft cheeses. Enjoy!

$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case
Flamboyant with black currant fruit while waving a red cape of supple tannins this Spanish varietal is a true matador of flavor. A wine with layers of turmeric, nutmeg and clove, it will wrangle the taste-buds with a soft and supple finish. Always drinks well with barbecued meats and roasted vegetables, salud.

$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case
Made for the true Petite Sirah lover, vanilla aromas lull you into the surprise of a deep plum and fruit forward wine. With tannins ready to tackle the richest of foods, it is a fine accompaniment before, during and after any meal. Only problem is can you make one bottle last that long?

$23.00  / Bottle
$276.00  / Case
 This wine speaks for itself, but if the cork is still in then this is for your information.  A well balanced wine with a mouthful of strawberry jam and nutmeg.  This is followed with a long finish of ripe berries.  Will the cork remain?
$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case
Every vintage brings a different splash into the realm of dark fruits and oak. Suisun Valley’s long warm summer days build a brazen profile of tannin and cedar which give way to a mocha chocolate finish. Enjoy this local staple with a range of meals from creamy pastas to hearty stews.

$20.00  / Bottle
 Caramel and toaste notes with dark fruits lead into a rich and decadent finish.  Bold, yet supple tannins round out the mouthfeel.
$35.00  / Bottle
$420.00  / Case
 This summer sipper has cherry and strawberry aromas with a pleasant sweetness on the finish.
$16.00  / Bottle
$192.00  / Case
Caora is the Gaelic word for sheep. In honor of the sheep that graze our vineyards, this wine represents the sunshine and grass that nourish the sheep that nourish our vineyards. Aromas of nectar, lilac, and peach waft in the glass. This is followed by great acidity, a nice sweet finish, and a hint of citrus. This wine will take you to our vineyards on a warm spring day.

$16.00  / Bottle
$192.00  / Case
Springtime comes to life in this bottle all year round. The apple blossom and hints of nectar meld in the mouth with granny smith apple flavors. If pork and fish dishes are your thing then winemaker, Gina Richmond recommends complimenting this wine with your next meal.

$17.00  / Bottle
$204.00  / Case
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